Microsoft Lottery Team
120 Craven Park,
London NW10
United Kingdom

Reference Number: YM35447XN/2013
Winning number: YM02788ZM/2013

We are pleased to announce you as one of the five lucky winners in the 3rd-category of the Yahoo/Microsoft Windows & Windows Lives Free-Award draw held on 15th of May 2013, in United Kingdom. All Five winning email addresses were selected through Computer ballot system without the winner applying or purchasing a Lottery Ticket. This is fully based on an electronic selection from over 50,000 companies and 2,000,000 individual email addresses of all the Yahoo/Microsoft Windows & Windows Lives Subscribers from all over the world which consequently won you the huge sum of £3,000,000.00 GBP (Three Million Great British Pound) only.

Kindly contact the "Claims Personnel" through a reply email with your Winning Number: YM02788ZM/2013, for verification and processing of your winning cheque of (£3,000,000.00 GBP). We congratulate you for being one of the selected winners.

Claims Manager: Dr. Charles Morgan
Contact Telephone: +448-7123-40953
Contact E-Mail:

Thank you and accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Best Regards,
Microsoft Corporation.


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